Just as death and taxes are often referred to as two certainties in life, it can be said that time and expense are two certainties in litigation. As a trial lawyer for 42 years, I know all too well how litigation can become a drain on your resources. I work hard to resolve your case efficiently and effectively.

From my law office in Bristol, Tennessee, I represent clients in business and general civil litigation matters in state and federal court in Tennessee and Virginia. This includes all areas of civil litigation except labor and employment. I assist small businesses involved in contract disputes, as well as large, out-of-state corporations in need of local counsel.

Litigation vs. mediation

If the best outcome for your case can be reached through mediation or negotiation, I am prepared to guide you through that process. My goal is to protect you and your bottom line and I am equally comfortable presenting your case in a courtroom or at a negotiating table. If you are in need of quality legal counsel for your business or civil litigation matter, I stand ready to protect your interests.

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